Franco Boschi

Franco Boschi approached the footwear business nearly as a consequence inherited by his family, or by his father Giuliano, to be more precise, historical founder of Gregor, which represented the expression of Made in Italy / Made in Tuscany craftmanship and sports style from the Mid Sixties to 2001.

After the years spent in the factory, in contact with the most important international customers, including various prestigious brands, Franco Boschi started out a new challenge, customizing his collections and giving his products a special identity, aimed at a sporty, dynamic woman, with a contemporary and well balanced fashionable style.

Franco Boschi’s mission is a continuous search and love for anything which is “hand made”, and leather manufactury with a character in its finish which can only be achieved by the hands of expert craftsmen.

This is the sign of distinction of Franco Boschi’s collections, which can be found worldwide, from Europe to Japan, from Australia to the United States, in up-market stores.

Today, in combination to a constant presence in the main international trade fairs, this makes it possibile developing more and more complete collections, to meet the market requirements.